Unfilled Residency Vacancies at PGY-1 and PGY-2 levels, Find Open Residency Spots and Vacancies
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ResidentSwap.org works in four ways

  1. Lists currently vacant residency spots at various PGY levels, and positions outside of the Match. Please note that during Match Week, residency positions participating in NRMP Main Residency Match® or NRMP’s Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®) are not posted here.
  2. Anonymously lists spots currently filled by residents who would like to swap location or specialty with another resident.
  3. Frequently monitors websites that publicly advertise residency vacancies and immediately sends alerts to your email or cell phone whenever new spots open.
  4. "Together Anywhere" mode, designed for couples, locates two spots in close geographical proximity to each other.

Unfilled Residency Vacancies

  • Well-known, year-round database of unfilled and unexpected residency openings at various PGY levels and multiple specialties. In addition to openings that are posted directly on ResidentSwap.org, or reported by the members, Resident Swap continually monitors over 50 websites that publicly advertise openings. Since inception, Resident Swap has published thousands of residency vacancies.
  • Members are given a financial incentive for reporting any known openings that are not yet listed.
  • You will receive automated email or mobile telephone alerts whenever new vacancies become available that match your search criteria. There is no need for time-consuming daily searching.
  • Filter vacancies by location, specialty and PGY-level, to look for a new residency or to transfer residencies.
  • 20% of residents resign, 6% during their PGY-1 year in surgery, per Yeo et al, "A national study of attrition in general surgery training..." Annals of Surgery 2010 Sep 252(3):529-34
  • Vacancies arise throughout the year due to residents resigning or being terminated, incoming residents not starting because of visa or medical issues, program expansions, new programs coming into existence, or programs not filling their spots.
  • View the Summary of Currently Posted Openings.

Direct Swap

Consider the following common problem:

  • Charles is a first year medicine resident in Florida, but wants to move to Chicago.
  • Frank is a first year medicine resident in Chicago, but wants to move to Florida.

Solution: Charles and Frank could simply swap residency spots.

As soon as both Charles and Frank register, ResidentSwap.org will automatically detect this possible swap, and both will receive email alerts. This method works not only for switching geographical location, but also specialties. Each member's name and contact information is protected at all times by the use of anonymous email addresses, like USER-5EEAA59FBD43@residentswap.org.

"Together Anywhere" Mode

This feature is designed specifically for couples. ResidentSwap can monitor for two openings within close geographical proximity to each other, anywhere in the country, and can send alerts when suitable spots open.

Consider the following situation: Bob is a 3rd year orthopedics resident in Boston. His fiancée, Colleen, is a 1st year pediatrics resident in Chicago. Both sign up on ResidentSwap.org and specify that they would like to be notified of spots within 40 miles of each other. Two weeks later, a 1st year pediatric spot opens in New York City. After another week, a 3rd year orthopedics spot opens in Westchester, NY (e.g. someone who wants to swap places with Bob). ResidentSwap.org knows that Westchester and New York City are within 40 miles of each other and notifies Bob and Colleen of this possible match.

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